"Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing left to add,

but when there is nothing left to remove."

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Web Design & Development

Your website is your image on the internet. Together we will find the adequate solution to create a unique design concept for you.

Our design language is based on our philosophy: Keep it simple, elegant and clear. Our sites combine conceptual design and the latest technologies while always maintaining our focus on usability. For our clients' sites, we always use responsive design which allows your site to be viewable on many different screen sizes, because nowadays with the abundance of different web browsing devices there is no one standard screen size. We check that our HTML is valid and adheres to W3C standards. Your site will be coded so that it is optimised for SEO, and tested to make sure it is compatible across the major web browsers. When we code, we do so to the highest standards using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, ReactJS, PHP, and many more. We also offer an array of Content Management Systems (CMS) with a focus on Wordpress. A CMS helps you to change your content easily, be it text or other media. We also offer staff training so you can update your CMS yourselves.
If you are not sure how exactly to convey your message, we have qualified, professional copywriters and translators who are there to help. We provide ongoing phone and remote support, should you require assistance beyond your site's launch.


Zenlabs Enquiry Your Enquiry

In the initial stage you share with us your ideas, thoughts and wishes for your website. Ideally, you would provide us with these details prior to our first meeting so we can come prepared and are able to create a briefing together.

Zenlabs Consultation Consultation

We will then show you a selection of websites and functionalities that fit your briefing. We can also brainstorm together to come up with a solution. Based on this we will create a quotation.

Zenlabs design process Design Process

Once we have agreed to work together, we shall discuss the structure of your website before we begin with the design. Based on this we create a draft design, and then after adapting this draft and creating a finished and approved version, we move on to the programming.

Zenlabs Development Development

Here we proceed with the development of your personal solution and, after testing it on different browsers and platforms, we will present it to you.

What we offer

Informational - Static website

This is a site where the content does not change regularly, such as a Business presentation or portfolio site.

Informational - CMS

Content Management Systems (CMS) are popular because many customers need to change their website content on a regular basis. A CMS gives you the ability to change or add new content in accordance with your needs.

App Development

We specialise in creating Apps for Android and iOS platforms.

Responsive Design

We can design and develop your site so it looks good no matter what device it is seen on e.g Desktop, Ipad, Iphone or Android. The world has seen a massive increase in the use of Mobile phones and tablets with internet access, and so it is vital to make sure your site can be easily used on this medium.

  • Zenlabs architect site small image

    Planungswerk Site

    Web Design, Development

  • Zenlabs istoryboard site small image


    Web Design, Development

  • Zenlabs TMSG small image

    Townsville Multicultural Support Group

    Web Design, Development

  • What's Up in Berlin

    What's Up in Berlin

    Web Design, Wordpress Theme Customisation


Project description

Planungswerk Wucke Nähter is an architect office based in Berlin. Thomas Näther and Matthias Wucke have been working together over 15 years. Their job roles include not only architecture but also building equipment and the modernisation of historical buildings.



We chose for the main character of the corporate design geometrical shapes, which stand not only for the different Architectural tasks but also as the building blocks you would need to build a house.
The website shows some of their projects and also functions as a way to get in touch.


HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP

Online since
March 2013

Townsville MultiCultural Support Group

Project description

Townsville MultiCultural Support Group is an NGO based in Townsville, Australia. They help refugees settle into a new life in Australia.



We chose colours and a design based on the idea of MultiCulturism. While designing with the idea of simplicity and ease of use. The site is a fully responsive CMS and works on iPad's and iPhones.


Wordpress, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP, Responsive Design

Online since
July 2014

What's Up in Berlin

Project description

Whats Up in Berlin is a online guide to events happening in Berlin. We were asked to polish the Wordpress theme.



The logo colours represent the different areas of Berlin.


Wordpress, HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Design

Online since
July 2012


Project description

iStoryboard is an Explainer video company based in Australia and Germany. They make high quality animated videos to explain their clients ideas and services.



We focused on a simple and elegant responsive design to present their image. The site presents their work as a portfolio and also functions as a contact form integrated with Google Maps. A specially coded implementation of Akismet for anti-spam was also used for the contact form.


HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, PHP, Responsive Design

Online since
September 2013


When you strip unnecessary clutter
You create a quiet still moment on the internet


Is where everything has a purpose
And everything is in its place


Everything is intuitive
No effort is required to find your way


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